Happy New Year. Edmonton is here.

Hello all and welcome to a brand new year. Hope you have a great time this year.

Greetings to you from the winter city of Edmonton. Edmonton is the capital city of the prosperous Canadian province of Alberta. I have been a resident of this city for the past 7 years and has been witness to its excellent growth and progress. Previously known as the ‘Gateway to the North’, this city owes its boom to a vibrant and disciplined oil and gas industry that manages oil reserves which is second in comparison to Saudi Arabia.

Edmonton is now what I call home. I have experienced the best and the worst that this city has had to offer me. Being an immigrant, in all my time here, never did I ever feel that I was unaccepted. The people are warm, friendly and full of hope for the best that life has to offer. Being a winter city this city has its share of winter joy and helplessness. In spring, summer and fall this city is an absolute paradise. The air is clean and crisp and the feeling is beyond words.

Edmonton is also a sunny city and has the maximum exposure to sun that any city in North America. Having a diverse mix of residents from all over the world, this city is a true global city.

It is this diversity and hope that The Raya seeks to epitomise. We seek to help our readers in defining the next big opinion that would change themselves and contribute in the progressive march of our society. It is with this intention that we have decided to dedicate a significant section of the blog to all things Edmonton commencing from this year onwards. Before you begin to worry, please be advised that all the other sections would also be addressed with equal vigour.

Edmonton being a global city and an absolutely incredible place to live in, it would be befitting that the stories from this city are resonated in this blog for our readers from all over the world. These stories would seek to inspire, provoke and define your opinion as we move to a society that is in fact a melting pot. In such a society, everyone is equal in spite of their colour, caste, creed or sexual orientation.

Enjoy The Raya this year for some simple and inspirational writing.


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