Edmonton Diaries: Indian dining in Edmonton

The second part of the Edmonton diaries series.

Indian Cuisine

I have been an NRI all my life. Whichever part of the world that I have been to, I have seen the Indian diaspora well settled and having become an essential part of the community where they have called as home. So when I came to Edmonton, I was surprised to see the sheer size and scale of the Indian community that had decided to call this winter city as home.

Indian cuisine is as popular as its people, if not more. When you compare the sheer diversity of more than a billion people that inhabits the seventh largest country in geographical size, with a population density of 349.2 per sq. km, you are in for the shock of your lives. Different cultures, different languages and different types of people from different caste and creed litter the nook and corner of this gigantic country. When this humongous diversity condenses itself into a few set of people that leaves the home country in search for a better life and opportunity, you have the ever vibrant diaspora that is a scaled-down form of the mother country present all over the world. Edmonton is a proud host to this diaspora, sometimes to the third and fourth generations.

I am a foodie by nature. I am intrigued by any type of food. But nothing is so welcoming and tender as an Indian cuisine, that invigorates and instigate the culinary glands within your body. Coming to Edmonton, I expected that getting Indian food in a cold North American country is next to impossible. But I was taken in for a grand surprise when I saw the large number of outlets in Edmonton that serves authentic Indian food. Over the years, I have eaten from many of them without fail and I am amazed how sometimes they taste better than the food actually made in India. The passion by the Indian chefs to provide the best Indian food in Edmonton, ensured that customers were treated to some spectacular treats.

If you are new to Edmonton, please never forget to taste some of the most authentic Indian delicacies that can be found in the Indian restaurants like Kurry Kebab, New Asian Village, Guru just to name a few. Most of them will exceed your expectations.

Over the years, I have noted how the Indian dishes like butter chicken and dal (lentils curry) become a staple of the Canadian diet. People here talk vividly of curry and how it makes them go crazy. I always tell them, you have just started. Wait till you taste all the different delicacies that the diverse and magnificent Indian cuisine has to offer!

Image Courtesy: http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6166/6233964163_ceaec63765_o.jpg

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