Dearth of ideas

Indiana Jones movie has been announced. Any day now the young Han Solo will be announced. Star Wars is taking a page out of Apple’s book by being in the news for all the strange reasons. There is movie featuring Batman and Superman just around the corner. What am I saying- there is a dearth of new ideas in the mainstream media. Just because Disney is doing universes, every film studio is attempting the same with no logical reason whatsoever and all the movies look exactly the same. The same old characters are being rehashed continuously with the same stories told differently. Except for television, it appears that Hollywood will never learn. There was a major financial crash that almost wiped out the industry in the late 90s. It was on the ashes of that crash that Pixar came with some very novel ideas and became successful. At this rate, I think those days may be soon here.

Author: tennythomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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