Authenticity of Love, Hope and Faith

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” Source: 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 

One of the greatest lessons I learnt in life at the age of 24 is about love and how strange and magnificent an emotion it is. It’s not that I have never been in love before or something like that. But the authenticity of love, the authenticity of missing some one, the authenticity of rejection, the authenticity of lost love and the authenticity of failed love and hopes!

I had a very close friend, a powerful and really good friend. Over the span of years we got closer and one day yours truly started having feelings for the person. Sheepishly I tried to circumvent through it and ended venting it out in the most messy matter as possible. The expected rejection through the travails of distance and destroyed feelings intensified from chronic loneliness landed me into the worst seen emotions ever, un-experienced never before in my life. Shrugging away all attempts at a rebound, you finally realize how you are finally a man. Really felt how authentic and powerful love was.

Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth “you owe me”.
Look what happens with a Love like that!
– It lights the whole Sky. (Hafiz)

I was thinking why do people fall in and out of love ? Why do people really love breaking hearts as if it is the most honorable thing to do ? Why does a male and female attach themselves under the false guise of friendship, over a period of time, fully knowing each other, just break apart like total strangers (like seeing each other for the first time) the moment the word ‘love’ is mentioned ? If God is love or if love is the finest of emotions bequeathed to man by the creator, why does it hurt? When you fully know a person, is committing to that person so bad ? Agreed not all male and female who gets attached need to fall in love, is it so bad that long time friends when they start to have feelings should hide it forever? These questions raged in my mind for months.

I just took some time off and went on with my friends. There were similar cases like this all around. People living heart broken lives. Not that they were weak personally or professionally but definitely yes heart broken. Cowards love to go for a rebound, brave people live through the experience. So I went to these people (couple of my friends); I just told them ‘Just believe the girl will be back’. Miraculously for them and luckily for me, many of them came back. I doubt if it was prophesying power or a miraculous intervention; one thing is sure it worked!! But I still believe I just told them what they wanted to hear and it worked!

Love is a testimony to the great human condition we have. All our achievements, successes are just a speckle of dust before love. When you truly love someone, you actually worship that person for what they are; the moment they leave, feelings of loss, despair resulting in heart break and the actual ‘mourning process’ that ensues shows that no matter how mammoth the we are in ego, persona, ambition and riches, we are actually frail and weak just to our emotions and feelings! See the check that God has on men. How the greatest of men are held captive to this unseeingly powerful emotion!

‘What goes around comes around’ or karma is another notion that is used. It’s true. I believe life is one big diary of checks and balances. Let me share a personal experience. When I was in college, I used to get even at my ever quarelling grandparents with a lethally potent weapon called ‘silent treatment’. Tried it couple of times and my grandfather used to tell me it was painful. I discontinued it’s use after that, coz it was potentially lethal in a relationship. Still at times I used it one loved ones. When I got at the receiving end this year, man life came full circle.

Life as always said is a giant balance book. Ever since I have been careful about what I speak, what I think and most importantly the importance of being mature with the age. I still believe we individuals have a free run. But one day we are held responsible for our actions.

Then hope. After with the case of love ‘returning’ for a couple of my friends, the power of hope is even assuring. But to hope you need to believe. I believe in the power of words; the power to inspire people and put down people. It is imperative that through our words, we need to inspire people and a heart broken person rather than being consoled, if he is made to believe that the love will return, it returns faster. And trust me its not magic, nor a miracle, just the power of words and the spirit of belief.

See how its all in our words and deeds. Loving someone is not bad, if there is a chance to be taken it has to be taken. But to me the the dastardly of all human actions is actually giving hopes and then breaking it; pretending nothing happened; deceiving it. It is the worst nightmare and I do have friends who actually go through the nightmare. Same is the case with messy divorces and separations. To concluding hurting love does no good, nor is breaking hopes resulting in lost faith.

Then there is consolation. Actually it is great to be heartbroken. simply a great feeling to be heartbroken if the energies are utilized in the most positive manner as possible. I have seen people achieving the very impossible from heart breaks and rejections and vice versa also. But once it is lost, don’t stay back, forgive the person who wronged you and support them with love (expecting nothing in return), move on with life and be the victor realizing the fact that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!!

Mr.Bean: Life,Humour & Me

Mr. Bean..the man of infinite laughter and humour. I heard somewhere it only takes a genius to play a fool and Mr.Bean is one hell of an example for that. The tough situations he faces in life and how easily he finds a solution to them are commendable. As I write I am thinking of the church scene in one of the tele-series episodes where he croons…Hallelujiah…drew me to laughter. It is a best example of how we complicate minor things as church going. We are all dressed up and damn serious….crooning worship songs with high degree of complicity…when there is nothing but the same thingy over and over again every week and we end up not enjoying the whole purpose of the situation. Recently I was going through a fellow blogger’s blog in the blogosphere and it astounded me with one of the generalisations he made which is that we pretend to be busy, pretend to be serious. Mr.Bean (a personal inspiration to me ) is a slap on the face of those people.Well this is a funny blog with no intention of getting serious..I dint want to make Mr. Bean cry……! Remember those scenes from the TV series..especially the one in which he was with this damn sick kid and was making all sort of gimmicks to make him smile and laugh…without knowing that the kid was sick. So kid pukes into the sick bag and Mr.Bean unknowingly converts the bag to a balloon and bursts it to make the kid laugh…! We did laugh!. the scene with the queen….all of them are so memorable, so innocent. What do you call a person like Bean? Fool? I will slay the person who calls him a fool…As I said in the beginning, it takes a genius to play a fool!. I am not writing this article as a prelude to watching the latest Bean movie or promoting it…but the gimmicks he does are actually serious in the damn silly, silly world that you and yours truly are part of!!

Somebody has once said…It is very difficult to make someone laugh easier to make him cry..Its true. Humour can be of many forms. It should be short lived and to the point-direct and provoking. We cant be like Mr.Bean, being the fool at all the time.but think of how can we make life so simpler with happiness all the time.
Ok ok this is not turning out to be damn speech n humourless. Think about Mr.Bean as he went around the town playing the golf ball thingy.The visit to the dentist, come on all these are thought provoking. This man is damn selfish, insensitive….he lives in his damn silly crazy world with no idea and bother on how other people feel or think about him! We can’t live in today’s world too like that…We will end up sooner in a mental asylum without a question.
Think about the scene with the butlers….The man did how he ordered for steak and how he ended up eating it…Or the movie where though accidentally the kid is resuscitated from death….the examples of these man are horrendous..They loiter between the narrow alley of fantasy and reality…Seldom life is luckier like that.
am I overdoing all I said in the beginning…Never..We have is a unique creation of a man with amazing contrasts and since we have so many examples of buffoonery around us its hardly surprising!
Lemme finish this banter with the scene from the movie…he goes around America after getting (finally) into the good books of his (pissed off!!) hosts. Saluting a rash driver on the road with the Englishman’s ‘hi’ only to be replied with a the everyman middle finger fantasy!!
Life ain’t getting better!! H-a-l-l-e-l-u-j-i-a-h

Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell!

Battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidas, Spartans and Xerxes are the flavor of the season. Yours truly went last week to catch the movie on theatres and after less than 2 hours does have a few things about the movie and hence the banter. No, no this ain’t the countless reviews you have come across of the movie but of different variety. the movie though was full of cosmetic visual imagery, it was nothing short of a mammoth epic of the scale of Gladiator. Still the Gerald Butler starer has its share of positives. What stuck me apart from eloquent dialogues and stunning visual imagery was the scale of imagination of the team involved and the guts to base a movie on the exploits of 300 Spartan soldiers at the battle of Thermopylae. Well a novel attempt all the way round.

Few days later I came upon a cartoon in Gulf News and it showed Tony Blair as Leonidas and Ahamedinajad as Xerxes and it was so designed to echo the sailor crisis of Britain with Iran. It was thought provoking nevertheless to say except the roles had to be reversed!
The courage and valor of Spartans against Persians was so beautifully depicted. It reminded me of an earlier Hollywood attempt with regards to portray Alexander and the battle sequence with the Persians. There I think the person was Darius III. It also showed the ruthlessness of the Persian army. It made me wondering. so numbers don’t win battles after all!!! Possible.. strategies do!! possible. But why doesn’t the land that make these movies understand this. America has a sizable percentage of its forces spread all over Asia and still cant get the equation right in Iraq and Afghanistan. No, no not another rounding in America analysis but to cut a long story short, the movie 300 showed us how the insurgents work in Iraq and Afghanistan. What do you have is armed groups with catch phrase as in the top out to defeat the armies of the Xerxes’s of the world. Can anything stop it? It dint stop the Spartas and Leonidas at the battle of Thermopylae against the Persians….will it so for the insurgents?

Real beauty

Real beauty campaign of Dove is attracting people to think differently. Now with this campaign its like more or less a level playing field. I have always wondered whenever we buy a cosmetic or any fashion apparel we see models who are picture perfect.. I have never ever felt like one after using a soap or a fairness cream or a shampoo…never till date. It was always like that and I never gave much respect or importance to this things. Because they are so unattainable. I always believed that beauty is natural and it should have no colour caste or creed. Advertisements most of the time show these bias. Ever noticed how the fairness cream adverts have only fair people in them. Looks like blackies don’t have a chance. Similarly soaps you have picture perfect, waxed models jumping here and there or with showpiece boyfriends in bed…Life is never like that!! But things are changing and the admission by Dove is commendable nevertheless to say….inspiring. The cosmetic market is one built on make belief. It required 5 Miss Worlds and 2 Miss Universe titles to make the world’s second largest democracy beauty conscious!! Still its all in the mind!!