I look at the world through the eyes of faith,
Wonder at the amazing works that is laith,
before me to understand and comprehend,
for the hand of God that touched,
everything that ever breathed!
I see simplicity in creation,
showcasing craftmanship in its perfection.
I live my life through faith,
and I achieve everything that life hath,
thrown at me..!!
for faith makes life special,
and all its instances jovial.
Faith makes us experience God,
making us aware that we erred,
for much in life we expected,
not knowing life is to be experienced,
in each day, each hour,
each second of the love poured on us.
We are the creation of love,
children of peace,
endorsed by faith,
we can do nothing, but live a life of,
faith and only faith.
Have faith and a life liveth,
so forth will never stumble,
or tremble,
but stand to the challenges.
If one can move mountains through faith,
walk on water through faith,
then life and all its worries, is nothing but a speck of dust..
Have faith, and you will never worry,
never be sorry,
of yourselves and about your mistakes!
Have faith..and see how life changeth!
tenny poems# 3
Today was a tiring day with the 37th Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering conference being held in Edmonton. So during the lunch break, yours truly and a colleague went out to have lunch. We walked a couple of blocks to get to the bus stop and catch the bus we were supposed to travel. Hungry and tired we were, we saw our bus coming in the opposite lane to us. We cant cross the road as the signal just turned green. I was sure, I would miss the bus and will have to wait a good time before another one shows up. But my colleague just muttered ‘have faith, my friend!!’. Miraculously the bus not only waited, we just comfortably got in the bus and have a great lunch.
“Faith makes all things possible………….” (unknown author)

The Light

We have seen a light,
that shines from where,
we wish we knew,
the light that leads us
through the annals
of life and all it has.
The light that manifest-ed,
itself as a star and led,
the Magi to Jesus Christ.
The light that showed Jacob the heavens,
and the light that gave Moses his tasks.
For we are lighted to lighten,
through the light of the one,
for generations look upon us,
and praise him through our deeds.
Yes our deeds reflect the light,
that shines from where,
we wish we knew.
Let us reflect the light we get, let us share the passion of what we are through our deeds.


Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful. Buddha

Gratitude speaks volumes of the favors received,
some asked for, some granted,

some coming unexpectedly,
called miracles that are so Godly.

I thank thee for thy blessings,
granted through my mutterings,
for things that I need,
and for things I do not need.

Ye has given me what I need,
some through my plead,
some without any,
for your graces are many,
and your love abundant.

Oh! Lord, I pour out to you,
with words of gratitude….

Above are a few lines I scribbled. The first time I ever attempted writing a poem.
Gratitude well the name says it all, I am not boring you with any lengthy discourses. Just I hope you study the picture and get the meaning.