Prioritizing in a Period of Uncertainty

We are in the midst of an unprecedented black swan event – the Covid-19 pandemic. It has created uncertainty across the world, the scale of which has never been seen since the Spanish Influenza outbreak over a century ago. One look at the latest Covid-19 outbreak and how it has impacted the world looks likeContinue reading “Prioritizing in a Period of Uncertainty”

Leading through Crisis

At the time of writing this blog, most of the developed world have been quarantined from the novel Covid-19 pandemic. The whole world that never slept, bristling with activity across the oceans and continents have been gripped by this deadly virus since it came in the news in November 2019, when it first originated inContinue reading “Leading through Crisis”

Mental models

Mental models are a fascinating tool at one’s disposal before embarking on any venture, making decisions or even conflict resolution. As I mentioned in my earlier post on Decision-making using stories, I tried to explain this technique in lieu of making critical decisions by simply imagining them as stories. Ask yourself first, what is theContinue reading “Mental models”

Decision-making using stories

We all love stories. Humans enjoyed telling stories to each other. A story is a simple narration with a beginning, middle and the end. A proper story should have the beginning and the end tied up with the middle providing the structure to the story. If you look at any of our conversations, they alwaysContinue reading “Decision-making using stories”