Why processes matter!

The year was 1962, the time of the Nuremberg trials which tried the ex-Nazi personnel for war crimes against humanity including Jews. As the trial progressed one of the main perpetrators of the dastardly war crimes, Adolf Eichmann including others many wrote letters to the commission in charge of these trials, stating that they wereContinue reading “Why processes matter!”

Prioritizing in a Period of Uncertainty

We are in the midst of an unprecedented black swan event – the Covid-19 pandemic. It has created uncertainty across the world, the scale of which has never been seen since the Spanish Influenza outbreak over a century ago. One look at the latest Covid-19 outbreak and how it has impacted the world looks likeContinue reading “Prioritizing in a Period of Uncertainty”

Leading through Crisis

At the time of writing this blog, most of the developed world have been quarantined from the novel Covid-19 pandemic. The whole world that never slept, bristling with activity across the oceans and continents have been gripped by this deadly virus since it came in the news in November 2019, when it first originated inContinue reading “Leading through Crisis”

Mental models

In his fascinating book Smarter, Faster, Better the author Charles Duhigg explains the power of mental models and how they improve productivity. What are mental models? Mental models are created by human beings within themselves based on their experiences and interactions with the world. These models have been speculated to assist in how humans reason.Continue reading “Mental models”