Decision-making using stories

We all love stories. Humans enjoyed telling stories to each other. A story is a simple narration with a beginning, middle and the end. A proper story should have the beginning and the end tied up with the middle providing the structure to the story. If you look at any of our conversations, they alwaysContinue reading “Decision-making using stories”

Fighting and Winning

‘The Last Jedi’ was a Star Wars movie that ended up polarizing its fan base when it took lots of risks with its unique storytelling and choices that was different for one of the most lucrative movie franchises of all time. In the movie, the story progresses immediately after the end of its predecessor ‘TheContinue reading “Fighting and Winning”

The more of everything, the less of anything

Go big or go home’ is the battle cry of capitalism. ‘You need to grow faster or you are toast’ another famous cry to make hay while the sun shines. There is a Biblical story of Joseph who could interpret dreams and was a prisoner in the Pharaoh prisons. When the Pharaoh saw a dreamContinue reading “The more of everything, the less of anything”

A truth(less) world

​The other day while glancing through the website of my alma mater I chanced across a headline that read like this. ‘Trustworthy advice for a post-truth world’. It was an interesting headline one that made me think for sometime.  Disruption is an act of nature. If you see the world around us, everything is inContinue reading “A truth(less) world”

Politics: Left, Right, Straight, etc.

I have followed politics since the time I can remember yet I was never enamored by it. My FB profile states me as a ‘Liberal by mind and a Conservative’ by heart. I have spend a lot of time in my life trying to understand what is the difference between both the right and leftContinue reading “Politics: Left, Right, Straight, etc.”