The Act of Dining


I have always felt that good and inspired dining is always a great way to relax and invigorate. Dining is different from eating, the latter is just another way to fill an empty stomach. Dining to me is an extraordinary experience very similar to an onstage performance, where the actor serves the content in a platter to an eager and enthused audience. As one knows that it is important that he serves the best part of the act to the last, slowly building up the expectations to that grand finale.

The Starter:

Starters prepares the diner to what is to come. Think about a time when you were really hungry and wished you had a three course meal in front of you. And then suddenly, voila! you find yourself in front of a well prepared table and a server right in front of you, eagerly awaiting your orders. The three course meal lets say is all paid for and you are given a menu having the choicest of any dishes in it for free. You browse through the pages and decides to start with a drink and an exquisite and tangy salad. The waiter listens to your command and promptly goes inside and brings your order. You see the drink and thirsty as you are, takes royal sips from the drink, indulging in its exquisiteness. The salad that is presented in front of you is so welcomingly green ready to embrace you with its uniqueness. Alternating between sips from the drink and chewing of the salad and listening to some beautiful symphony, you begin to tease your stomach to what is to come.

The Entrée:

It is the main part of the dining experience. All this time, you pampered and teased your empty stomach for this very moment. It is a moment of sublimeness and a moment of reckoning when the act on the stage by the performer begins to reveal the depth and grandeur of the tale that he is performing in front of his audience. The entrée reveals the plot without giving away the ultimate suspense or the twist that is to follow. It is voluptuous, interesting, exciting and different. It is what you are here for and the your stomach savours it slowly and slowly, praying that the feeling of nirvana doesn’t end.

The Dessert:

This is it. The culmination of the act. The suspense, the twist in the tale, the culmination of the battle between the good and evil, the battle between the protagonist (the food) and the antagonist (the hunger) finally ends. There can be only one outcome, a win (feeling great) or a loss (disappointment). The dessert is the fitting finale to an impossible act, the act of dining.

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