Stop consuming, start creating

Have you ever wondered each day, the amount of content that gets thrown to you. You wake up and check your Facebook and you are bombarded with updates from friends and various organizations, you open up Twitter and you can witness the various hashtag battles that anyone with a username has with unknown strangers, delivering lethal blows to all those who try to disagree with them. You shut the computer off and as you switch on your television, you are either in a 24 x 7 news cycle or in the never ending reality shows, television shows, syndicated shows to anything that can provoke your thoughts and sometimes even instigate your intelligence to thinking in their way and ideas. Now you switch the TV off and you can hear tales and opinions from everyone around you. You go to a boring job, hoping to change the world-only to end up working in a desk job, under a boss, who works under a boss, who himself works under someone else. You do what you are told to do and when you get tired of doing that, you end up looking for newer pastures where you can work under someone in a better position but still within the realm of the earlier cycle. This cycle goes on till one day, you are lowered six feet beneath the ground and people pray around you.

This my friends is the irony of the human life. We are in a never ending cycle of slavery. I remember reading in history texts how slavery was abolished everywhere in the free world by the second world war. But from reading the stark reality of your life from the above paragraph, I don’t think anything has changed, except for the fact that slavery has become more civilized!

With the rapid population increase, we are at a pivotal point in human history where we have enormous amount of resources in terms of people, finance , etc., to get things done; we have the tools at our disposal to create anything that we dream; we have the means to learn, means to fight the system-means to do everything. Then why are we not doing something to change the world we live in? Population is increasing, resources are depleting-we still live in a hydrocarbon economy, we still drive internal combustion engines (since 1920s), we still haven’t colonized any planets and we still haven’t figured out wireless electrical transmission (N. Tesla discovered it in mid 19th century) and most parts of the world are dark-with no electricity,rampant poverty and never ending sickness. We live in a hyper commercialized capitalistic system, where incremental changes are made to technology and our way of life. Our education teaches us to be continue the slave mindset, and we are forced to cheer about the next football game played between millionaires in a stadium in Europe or nearby.

What has happened to us? We belonged to a human race that hunted at one time for food, that looked up to the skies and figured out world afar without any instruments, that knew the age of a tree by listening to the chopping of the wood , etc. Today we live in a world where we consume, consume and consume!

Why don’t we stop this stupidity? Lets do a simple exercise. Let us stop what we are doing, close our rooms, shut off the cellphones and our computer and simply close our eyes. We see darkness-lets remain in that darkness for sometime. Then lets think, what can I contribute to this world each day? If I think I am living a perfect life, what am I doing about the imperfectness in a world that was perfect since creation? Ideas will start floating in and before you know, you will be energized by that unknown power that has been waiting for a long time for you to ask this question!

Our role as humans is not to consume, but to work hard at creating a better world for us, others and our future generations. We can consume to be prepared, but we have to be prepared to create.

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Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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