Have you ever wondered about how you take critical decisions in your life? If not, do think once in a while. Did the decision and the subsequent action of yours amount to anything? Did it achieve its desired objective? Did it make the change that you hoped from a situation? Did it change your life for the good or the better? Was it necessary to make such a decision? What would be your rationale in making such a decision? Yours truly asked a few people about this issue. Most of them said that the most important criteria in making decisions to them were to do what they felt was right for them. Then I asked, have you ever thought about the consequences of your decision? The answer I received was that, No, as long as the consequence dint affect us, we dint bother. When the dear reader of this post thinks about this assertion, please think for a moment what would you be doing?

Our decisions are important components of our legacy that we leave on this earth. If there is something that is really certain in this life is the fact that we would have to leave this earth one day. Since that is the only thing that can be assured in this mundane life, why don’t we make a conscious effort to do the right thing?

Why is it important to do the right thing? Because in the end, only that is right and just will endure. For example, I have heard tales of people facing difficult choices when it comes to their career, relationships, family life etc. Most of the time, the choices are down to the following.

  • The right thing I feel is apt to my immediate (short-term) interests.
  • The overall right thing which may not be apt to my interests but looks right in the long term

The good thing about the former is that results are known beforehand and the chances of anything to the contrary are very remote. But deep down inside, you know that it’s not a lasting choice and you might consciously end up regretting the decision for a long time. However in the case of latter, it may cause deep and profound short-term pain but has the potential create lasting long-term gains.

In the end, the simple question that one needs to ask him is that, what is the point of gaining the world and yet losing your soul? It is important to take decisions that are right not just for yourself, but that which is the absolute right thing to do. Your intuition, conscience, beliefs and experiences will guide you as you make this choice. But remember you will die once and never leave for yourself a grieving soul.

One reply on “Decisions”

[…] Doing the right thing is not a difficult thing to do. I have read somewhere that living one’s life is equivalent to crossing a busy intersection. One has to Stop, Look and then Go. In the same way, it is important to remember that our actions (karma) end up defining what we would become in life. I have always believed in this golden rule that, if you cannot help someone, do not harm them. It is also imperative not to keep quiet as evil rages itself in front of you. By choosing our battles wisely and by doing the right thing, I do not see why we cannot live as Gods. Most people do not understand that they are blessed with attributes that can propel them to heights of divinely proportions. Accepting that our weaknesses can be worked on to become our greatest strengths, we can strive to be great and best. For that we should believe….Har Har Mahadev. […]


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