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Hello all,

It’s been a long time since I scribed something. I was on a sabbatical for a month, after a long tiring vacation to Middle East and India. It was quite eventful and my better half and me were exposed to a wide range of issues, which I will percolate slowly into this blog throughout this year. Its interesting to see how things change in different parts of the world, but in the core, the issues are quite similar everywhere.

We arrived back to Canada after a long flight from Kerala to San Francisco via Abu Dhabi. We were absolutely fortunate to latch on to a business class ticket from Abu Dhabi till San Francisco. It was my first experience travelling on a long haul flight and I wanted to experience the luxury of a airline that was selected the Best First Class Airline for 2013.

The airport in Abu Dhabi was a joke considering the number of connecting flights from there to the rest of the world. It was highly incapable of handling the passenger load and the logistics were a nightmare. The business class lounge in the airport was an excellent experience to behold and I hoped it would get better during the flight. The service was pale and highly inconsistent though the facilities provided were a class part. I have written before of how the Gulf airlines destroyed the Indian airlines that did these types of long haul flights here. When they cornered the entire Indian market, they became a pale comparison to what was offered earlier.

The flight to San Francisco was quite long at around 16 hours and the travel in business class made it quite pleasing. Once we reached SFO, we were kindly informed that our luggage have been left in Abu Dhabi and will be sent to Edmonton. It did come 10 days later. After that we flew to Edmonton to come to a broken furnace and a cold welcome. Reality is often a cold reminder that circumstances might change, places and people might change, but sh*t always happens. Murphy is always right.

Welcome to the New Year! It will be exciting.

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