Meaningful Life


I heard somewhere once that “ a true life is a sum of its parts”.

Have you ever thought about your life? Have you ever thought why you wake up in the morning, and if you have a partner, wake her up, get ready and go to work? Have you ever thought about yourself as you work under/for someone or yourself, hours each day? Have you ever thought about the hours you spend from the ones you love, working for them and striving to make their lives better? Have you ever thought about the distances you traverse in life, the food that goes into you each day, the words you speak, the thoughts that fill the void space of your mind, the passions and desires of your heart? Have you ever thought about your body, the sense organs, the bones, the cells that work hard to help you achieve your dreams, ambition and carry you to exciting places in the small time and short sojourn on this beautiful planet? Have you ever…thought about, your life?

Its very hard to define what a person’s life on this earth is. Because if you try to define a life lived, you will go crazy. The contradictions, the uncertainties, the revelations all make you realize that there is no singularity to life and that it is highly complex.

What then is life? As humans we are born into this world without any freedom of choice. We do not get to select the womb that we are born into, nor select our parents, our country of birth, our skin color, our faith- we do not get to select anything. We do not get to choose our destiny and we do not know what may happen to us tomorrow. It may seem that we do not know anything about us at all. Now that’s not a comforting matter right? Yes, it is. What you do not know is greater than what you actually know about your life on this earth. That kind of makes it meaningless right. What is the end of this earthly life? For some traditions it is a box within buried six feet under the Earth. For others it is an urn of incinerated ash.

The point is that in a seemingly meaningless existence we are blessed with one freedom-that of choice. The choice to do the right thing. The choice to do something remarkable that would benefit not just yourself but that would makes the lives of billions others like you meaningful. The choice to convert a meaningless life to one that is meaningful in its existence.

Summarizing, you do not know anything about yourself. But you have the choice to make your life count. Go make it count.

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Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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