Being Mindful

Ever since this year started, I have been hearing about a lot of deaths both on personal and professional fronts. Some of them were close to me and some I knew very well at one point in my life. What stuck me like a jolt was the swiftness at which they left the world-some even without a chance to say a proper goodbye.

When such things happen around you naturally we tend to question our perspective on life and death. Many times one feels that we are nothing but mere dices rolled in a cosmic game played by invisible forces.

One way of experiencing such power is through the art of mindfulness. Though not consistently yet I am a big fan of this art. It is a simple form of meditation. Imagine yourself doing one of the most boring tasks in the universe- ironing one’s clothes. As you spread your clothes over the ironing table and rinsing it with water and applying heat to straighten the wrinkles, feel each steps slowly as they happen. Picture yourself enjoying the task. At the end marvel at the well pressed cloth and feel good at restoring the cloth to its original beauty.

This is simple mindfulness. In a fast paced world, it is important to slow down and enjoy these miniscule tasks to the content of one’s heart. With practise as you extend mindfulness across your life, you can feel the power of our creators. One that is slow, steady, comforting, relaxing and yet powerful.

When one is mindful, the whole journey of life from birth to death suddenly becomes very exciting and meaningful. Just as a new journey begins with a birth, another ceases with death. But the universe keeps on expanding and times go on ceaselessly.

Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

2 thoughts on “Being Mindful

  1. Hey Tenny! Hope all is well. Came across your blog the other day. I really enjoy reading your posts 🙂

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