Mental models

Mental models are a fascinating tool at one’s disposal before embarking on any venture, making decisions or even conflict resolution. As I mentioned in my earlier post on Decision-making using stories, I tried to explain this technique in lieu of making critical decisions by simply imagining them as stories. Ask yourself first, what is theContinue reading “Mental models”

Decision-making using stories

We all love stories. Humans enjoyed telling stories to each other. A story is a simple narration with a beginning, middle and the end. A proper story should have the beginning and the end tied up with the middle providing the structure to the story. If you look at any of our conversations, they alwaysContinue reading “Decision-making using stories”

The coming of spring

Spring heralds new beginnings. It is a time when the darkness and uncertainty of the winter is replaced by light (actually lots of it) and the certainty or sometimes that hope is here…finally. Spring is celebrated in many cultures by religious occasions that show new beginnings. I often wonder why do not the Roman CalendarContinue reading “The coming of spring”

Fighting and Winning

‘The Last Jedi’ was a Star Wars movie that ended up polarizing its fan base when it took lots of risks with its unique storytelling and choices that was different for one of the most lucrative movie franchises of all time. In the movie, the story progresses immediately after the end of its predecessor ‘TheContinue reading “Fighting and Winning”