Leadership Lessons from Jesus

One of the biggest drawbacks about the world that we live in is the fact that we are bereft of any good leaders. Every now and then, in each generation we have certain gifted people that emerge with great promise to redefine the human march to progress. They leave behind a great deal of teachingsContinue reading “Leadership Lessons from Jesus”

Decoding the Temptation of Christ

This summer as part of my spiritual journey in this world, I decided to be on a different type of mission. Experience the Bible differently-i.e., by listening to it. There is an app on the iPhone called Bible Gateway where it is now possible to listen to the Bible, especially the best version of themContinue reading “Decoding the Temptation of Christ”

The holy month of Ramadan

I was born and raised up in an Arab country. Being in a predominantly Muslim country, one cannot ignore the piousness that accompanies an important religious event like Ramadan. This 30 day fasting period, where all the devout fast from dawn to dusk is one awesome special occasion, especially in an Arab country. The dayContinue reading “The holy month of Ramadan”

Youth: A discussion about their roles in church, society and community

I had a chance to speak for the Youth Sunday program at the Trinity Marthoma Church Edmonton. The following is the full text of my speech: Youth or young age is an important phase in the lives of many people. Some call it a transitional stage between being mature and childhood. But nevertheless it’s aContinue reading “Youth: A discussion about their roles in church, society and community”