Why politics needs reform…

Someone once said that politics is the last resort for scoundrels. Today world over, this saying has been painfully more than accurate. Being in civilian politics these days, is never a profession to brag about. Why are the politicians so hated? First they come to you during the time of elections begging for votes. TheyContinue reading “Why politics needs reform…”

What does Modi’s coronation mean for India?

Last Friday, September 13th 2013, the chief minister of Gujarat, Shri. Narendra Modi was crowned as the BJP’s presidential candidate for 2014 General Election. This decision by the principal opposition party of India to anoint a highly polarizing figure of Indian politics, has been welcomed across the country with jubilation and acclaim. Ten years ago,Continue reading “What does Modi’s coronation mean for India?”

Why do modern societies need any armies ?

“An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.” Thomas Paine Armed forces are the pride of any nation. Millions of armed men keep a constant vigil on our borders so that you and me can get along with our business of making a living and creating value added lives. From timeContinue reading “Why do modern societies need any armies ?”

Odyssey in times of Adversity!

Everyone needs a break in life. It is tough to get one in a busy world. Sometime ago, yours truly was watching a documentary on AlJazeera channel. It showed an optimistic story coming from Greece. As readers would remember the dire economical and financial condition that Greece was in, not too long ago. The economicContinue reading “Odyssey in times of Adversity!”

Rise of Naxalism

Due to the IPL fracas, the news organizations in India have shown a certain laxity in the coverage of the Naxal attack on politicians in the Indian state of Chattisgarh. It is a dastardly attack, no doubts on that. But the event offers certain lessons the corruption laced Indian polity needs to remember. Development andContinue reading “Rise of Naxalism”

End the Oilsands blame game

Today while returning back from my work with a reputed Canadian oil and gas company, I chanced to hear on the radio, the news segment about the Keystone pipeline and the vitriolic opposition to the project. I felt that the rising and unwanted opposition to this pipeline deserves no merit and vociferous stand taken byContinue reading “End the Oilsands blame game”