I lie in my bed,
waiting as the final moments,
of my life plays,
out with the call,
the call I have been waiting for,
the call of death.

The raging mind has fallen,
the body ready for its destiny,
I am to be carried away,
by Hades far far away,
the end for many.

Lonely, I am in this state,
my eyes wander around here and there,
I see three people,
cloaked in white,
all readied to hale,
me out of my misery.
Full of shine and grace,
the sight of them turn me pale,
As they have come for me!!

I close my eyes,
activate my mind for the thoughts,
of the life I once lived,
with my parents,
my wife and children,
for all have left me,
but thoughts remain!
My thoughts are my pals,
Have been for many years,
Since the day I have been born,
till today as I leave.

I see a spring, a valley,
I see the sun in all its glory,
Looking at myself,
I see myself clothed in whites,
And skin radiant as ever!

I look around!
I see the three people again,
make myself toward them,
Full of cheer and love,
they welcome me to paradise!

I lost my grandfather a year ago. A event that had a profound impact on me for a long time. Moments before he died, he told us about 2-3 people by the bed side. The poem is a fictional characterization of his thoughts.
“Paradise is our native country, and we in this world be as exiles and strangers” Richard Greenham

Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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