The Light

“Run now my friend this is your only chance of escape-

Yelled the old sage to me as I made my way out of the prison-

Quickly did I run, not for once looking back,

From the dark prison of life that held me without any hope.

Chased by people who never cared for me,

Yet care for me now since I flee their midst,

Their lies and negativity had once pounded me,

And kept me in the dungeon of hell within my own life,

Never wanting to see them again,

I ran and I ran into the unknown horizon.


I woke up as the rays of sun unwrapped the cover of darkness,

Looking around, I could see the beautiful landscape that surrounded me,

The chirping of birds, the cries of the animals,

The thumping sound of waterfall somewhere nearby,

The clear sky provided within me a serene feeling,

I ran around exhilarated and enthused,

At the beautiful display of life at my side,

I was excited and energized at the second chance given to me,

I ran around endlessly screaming with joy and happiness,

At the gift given to me by the sage who I never knew,

I thanked him profusely in my heart for the break I received,

Vowing to do it right this time, I decided to enjoy my new abode.


As time went on, the sun bade its farewell,

Promising to be back soon with another spell,

Leaving behind a full moon as my companion so that I do not fall,

Again to the vagaries and disturbances imposed by darkness.

I lit a fire to keep me warm for the cold night,

I reminisced the life that I left,

I wondered why did it have to be like that,

Was it something within me or was it just like that?

I never knew as I fueled the fire,

The fire reminded me of the sun that just left.

I wondered at this fire that lit all around me,

I could see the animals looking at me silently,

Waiting for the fire to extinguish,

So that they could sleep away for the day,

Moaned did they hoping for it to end.

I realized how many such fires are needed,

For the sun to give them the energy of life,

And inspire in them the exuberance to live.


Being a considerate guest, I extinguished the flame,

All of them let out a collective whine of relief,

And settled for the night comforted,

I opened my eyes and looked up at the starry skies,

Emanating from them were tiny dots of light,

Light years farther from me, they shared their light,

Without any shame or disdain.

Soon I could see fireflies around me,

Dancing to an unknown tune of their Creator.

Their light lit up the night in a wondrous array,

That was pleasing and emancipating.


As the night went by,

I heard the voice of the sage again,

“In this world, everyone is born with,

Light to be shared and spread around,

And darkness to absorb and kept within,

As you apportion the light like the sun,

You bring life, joy and peace to all,

As you absorb the darkness around,

Without any complaint or any cry aloud,

You make life on this earth harmonious.

Caring less for those who always sleep,

Be the light of the world so that it can be shared,

As you do share so you do save.

Everyone will then run to you,

Be the light that leads them on.

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How long does it take to get what I so wanted,
How long more to make myself happy,
How long must I wait to be contended with what I have,
How long before I get inner peace?

Nothing in my life is certain for sure,
Wait and wait I have to for a long time,
To achieve what I desperately needed.
I cannot complain that I am not happy,
But the wait makes me lose hope sometimes.

Even when I wait, I watch with dismay,
As people achieve that I so earnestly need,
Less the effort than I have to put in,
Quicker they get it than me,
Wait and I wait for these same things,
I get them only when the creator decides for sure.

Why do you make me wait my Creator?
How long before you feel that I am worth it?
What is the lesson that you want to teach me?
As my time goes on in this earth,
I see people consume and consume,
I am a poor man who seldom gets his way,
Lament like a child for time and effort it takes in my life.

I see the rich happy in their consumption and sad in their emptiness,
They fill themselves with goods all around them,
But their hearts are empty and minds desperate,
Yet they consume and consume.

Debts pile up, credits are lost,
They squander off their wealth in aimless disharmony-
Destroying their lives and the nature around them.
Dumbfounded at this realization,
I look around with a sense of understanding
That my life is not defined by what I want,
Because I am provided by the Creator with what I need.

My aim in life is not to live to make myself happy,
Rather I have to find the contentment within myself,
And help others in their quest for the same.
In the long haul there will always be happiness,
There will always be contentment.
Yet there is the realization that,
You do not need many of the things
That you wasted your life for at one time.

A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being. James E. Faust

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The Talent of Time

Parable_of_the_Talents-Matthew_25_14_-_30--Proverbs_28_20a (1)

‘Once upon a time’ did start the tale,

Of the rich man that gave each his servants talents.

Some used it well over time and was rewarded in talents,

One saved it well over time and lost all he ever had.

In no time did the tale get over.

Time and tide never waited it did ever,

Stories were told and songs were sung.

The sun rose and the day rung,

The sun set and the night was flung,

On people who simply rose and fell.

Seasons went by though cyclically,

Yet time kept on marching forward ceaselessly.

Earnestly and diligently did he work each day,

To do those things he wanted to do someday,

Dreams and hopes he had many,

He was eager and he had the way,

It was easy for him to start them quickly,

He did not know if he could complete them quite easily,

For time was his friend and his enemy.

He did not know whether to trust it come what may.

When he needed time, he do not have any,

When he did not need time, he did have many.

With time everything will be alright,

Said the seer to the impatient man in his youth,

He wasnt ready to accept the commandment,

Hot blooded and never without remorse,

He did not heed the advice and went on his way,

He did the unthinkable and realised his folly,

Wasted was he as he spent the rest of his time.

As a man can change his image in front of others,

He can never change his time that shows his image over the years.

Listen my dear friend, your time is your talent,

Use it wisely and you will be given more,

Dont be foolish not to use it judiciously ever,

You use your time well and you will be blessed many times over.

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As I grew, she danced to me a song,
A song of love, bright in possibilities,
A song of life, one of promise and happiness.

As I waited outside her room, waiting to be called in,
Brimming with excitement, my heart skipped faster,
I was feeling numb and wonder within myself.
To a fan, his idol is a hero,
Nothing in this world can change that feeling,
Of affection and love- everlasting.
I am so happy today;
I had waited a long time for this day,
For after years of yearning, and waiting,
To meet my idol, who I idolized on-screen.
Her smile washed away the sadness of my life,
Her eyes radiated on me never ending gladness,
Her voice was special as it unlocked possibilities I never knew,
I am so excited to see her after all these years,
I will tell her of my life and how she made it special,
I owe my life to her and my affection to her is so full.
She was a goddess, ever beautiful and gracious,
Movies of her enthralled me to a life like no other,
As I grew, she danced to me a song,
A song of love, bright in possibilities,
A song of life, one of promise and happiness.
Movies are my life-they told me stories while I never had any,
They provided me with advice- since my parents I never knew any.
They were my good friends, they spoke to me when I never met any.
Movies introduced me to my idol-someone who taught me many.
I kept waiting and waiting,
For the moment that was in the making,
In my heart for time immemorial.
To see her and tell her my tales of tall.
‘Madam will see you now, are you ready?”
Announced a voice suddenly.
My eyes lit up at that moment,
With reaction was that forever in the making.
Ushered in was I into a room to meet my idol,
Flowing in my heart was rivers of joy so full.
Of love and affection so pure without lull,
I met my idol and began my tale to tell…..
Storge is the form of love that denotes ‘natural affection’.
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The Love Series: Philia

Friendships of the good are ones where both friends enjoy each other’s characters. As long as both friends keep similar characters, the relationship will endure since the motive behind it is care for the friend.


Today I stand in the fond memory,
Of a friend so dear and close,
He was my partner, he was my brother,
We grew up together,
We played like no other,
We fought with one another,
We cried and yet we laughed however,
And together we lived like forever.

We were the children of our country,
And the forebears of its destiny.
We swore to defend it from its enemies,
When called upon, together we went to protect her.
We marched out to war in pride,
The honour to defend our country was like no other.
We fought and we killed in rage,
For the values and the ideals of our society that matter.

Together did we fight the war,
But oh my friend, you aren’t here to see our victory.
Valiant and courageous as you were,
You took the bullet in your heart,
That was meant for me without a doubt.
You dint have to save me,
Yet you died so that I can have a life.

Today I stand in despair,
Of lost hope and broken promises,
In vigil of your sacrifice.
I can only remember your brotherly love.
You were all to me,
My life is nothing without you.

Yet your death shouldn’t be in vain.
When you gave up your life intentionally,
My purpose in life has become more resolute.
I will uphold all that we fought for.
Time may move on,
Life may steer forward as always,
Yet till the end of time,
Our brotherly love will never end.

Philia is the brotherly or friendly form of love. Aristotle takes Philia to be both necessary as a means to happiness. Friendships of the good are ones where both friends enjoy each other’s characters. As long as both friends keep similar characters, the relationship will endure since the motive behind it is care for the friend. This is the highest level of Philia, and in modern English might be called true friendship.

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The Love Series: Eros

Eros means the intimate or romantic form of love. Everyone have been or have fallen in love at least once in their life. The first love is always special as it unleashes inside one a myriad of both positive and negative feelings: hope, pleasure, intimacy, friendship, possessiveness, care, worry etc.


“Everyone, meet your new classmate”,
Words of my teacher that made me look up,
To a sweet, confident, cute girl, in a new place,
My eyes were fixed on her and her pace,
As she made her way to a seat beside me.
Looking to me, she released a smile.
That sparked in me rays so serene,
Tender, pure, and yet so rare,
It lit the dark corridors of my heart,
And ushered in me an eclectic feeling,
Of completeness and belonging!

Quickly I became to her a friend so near,
Laughing our way through happy times,
Enduring ourselves together in difficult times,
Destiny ensured that we were there for each other.
We grew comfortably in togetherness,
Our friendship steered the stormy waves,
Of childhood with confidence and resolute.

As we grew in age, we started to change,
Being together and holding hands,
We felt ecstatic as emotions piled up.
Being away there was longing and dreadfulness,
We felt incomplete as emotions piled up.

Questions suddenly started to be asked,
Thoughts started to stare us less placid,
We started to talk more, care less,
Talks that betrayed a pure intent,
Arguments that became fights,
We drifted ourselves apart.

In time, we traversed to newer pastures,
Yearning to forget the past,
We fastened ourselves to a fallacy so great.
As life and fate looked on us in disbelief,
We felt good in drowning ourselves in rivers of Hades.

As time and tide never waited for us,
We never waited for each other,
We moved on to lives with mates,
Never meant for either the other.
In less time, my wife left me for a life better,
Her spouse beat her to a flight so bitter.

Here we are again, sitting on a bench,
Bruised and broken,
We look at each other in remorse,
Tears falling from each eyes in repentance,
I held out my hand to hold her broken life.
As life and faith looked on us in comforting belief,
We hugged and kissed each other in love.

Eros means the intimate or romantic form of love. Everyone have been or have fallen in love at least once in their life. The first love is always special as it unleashes inside one a myriad of both positive and negative feelings: hope, pleasure, intimacy, friendship, possessiveness, care, worry etc.

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The Love Series: Agape

Agape is the sacrificial form of love. It is reminiscent of love that is proclaimed in John 3:16.


As I looked on, the door was slammed in front of me,

With a thud that resonated failure,

Of a life I lived together with one whom I loved once.

A single drop of tear made its way freely,

From my eyes, down to my face below.

Once a drop, now a stream,

Tears rolled down and down.

I turned back, and looked on,

Life as I knew, changed then.

Heavily it snowed,

Fiercely the wind blew,

Holding my jacket tightly,

Lonely I walked in the isolated streets,

Of a city brought to standstill,

By nature with its relentless downpour.

Denied I was of love,

Bursting open reservoirs of sadness,

Tears rolled down and down,

From the face of my wronged existence,

In front of me, the nature poured,

Incessantly and fiercely,

Sharing with me, my pain lovingly.

Briskly walking down the street,

I see a homeless man,

Shivering and suffering,

The incessant winter brute.

Without a jacket, moaning and crying,

He looked to me resigned,

To a cold fate, harsh and horrible.

Ignoring him, I walked on,

Dwelling in my problem then on.

Slipped then I did,

Fell I did on my back,

Landing with my face to the sky.

Looking up, I could see the snow,

Falling and falling on me now.

I tried to get up, yet the slippery ground,

Let go of me again, with my face up,

Closing my eyes, I thought of my life.

Times of happiness and sadness,

Flashed in mind without recess.

Sure of my innocence, I began to think,

I can either live my life in despair,

Or move on, and repair.

Making my way up and looking forward,

I decided to walk onward.

Resolute in my decision,

To let go and live on.

“Help me, please don’t walk away,

I don’t want to die in this way”.

Cries from my homeless friend,

Stopped me then in my tracks.

Turning around at the desperate moans,

I looked at an unfortunate and lonely soul.

Looking at him for a minute,

I removed my jacket and clothed him.

“While we do our good works let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary.” Chinua Achebe, Anthills of the Savannah

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