The Assiduous Power of Belief


“….Mr Obama I am waiting for 2008. Maybe in this Age of Aquarius you are our man for the job!!” Tenny on March 31, 2007 (Barack Obama and the Law of Infinite Growth and Hope)

Seriously speaking, I don’t like self-praise or acclaim when I start this post with a quote of mine. But watching President-elect Barack Obama yesterday on CNN Pipeline, I was more than just flabbergasted. Man! he did pull it off…royally. The first colored president of the United States of America. Years after the civil rights movement spearheaded by Mrs Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, the resonating cries of oppressed slaves from times gone by, the belief of Abraham Lincoln who risked everything to fight slavery, it was a climax of biblical proportions. As the scripture says “…to hold on steadfastly without losing hope” after a prediction made a year and a half before, I just humbled myself in front of this amazing power, which has been bestowed on us: the power of belief.

Next morning, my friends all over the world, left me scraps, offline messages and even calls to congratulate me on a absolutely amazingly true prediction. Couple of them even made me delve into my wallet for their lunch. I was more than happy to accommodate that, for happiness whenever and wherever it happens, has to be shared nevertheless. Here I had to admit without any arrogance that it was a prediction that went absolutely true.

At 24, I feel life has come full circle. I saw God, years back struggling for my life in Central Hospital Abu Dhabi. There he came to me and told me that I will be cured and before leaving, he promised to take care of my life henceforth. There were many incidents in this year that made me actually doubt its veracity. But, again time and time on, I have to admit that whatever I have actually believed in has always come true.

Without wanting this banter to sound like utter narcissism, let me quote some examples. In 2002, I had the opportunity to lead the youth of my native church back in India. It was my first hands on experience in leading the youth of a church which was deeply fragmented. I did face lot of problems from the established lot, from the people in authority of the church and I struggled to leave a legacy which never made me happy. Seven years later as I write this post, I have successfully handed over the reins of the youth group in the church in Edmonton to safer hands after a remarkable year of mind-blowing achievements and a legacy I am always proud of. That is just one of the many examples of the power of belief.

Some of my most loved ones have always told me not be overwhelmed by my achievements. Some people ask me not to be under-whelmed in the same tone. I have always felt that whatever I achieve is not because of any of these or my abilities. Most of the time, my crowning achievements have been whenever I have believed. Life has from time on tried to teach me this very lesson about amazing the power of belief. The power of words. The power of ideas. The power of dreams. They do come true, provided we believe in them, prepare ourselves for them and wait for the results to show. It may not show now, nor tomorrow but at the apt and right time. For its always said “…when the teacher is ready, the student shall come”.

What should we believe ? Anything. I remember a chilling incident in 1993. I was in Dubai and glancing through the pages of the school magazine of my cousins. There was an article about World War IV in 2000. The writer had apparently predicted a world war then and it was to be led by one Mr. George Bush Jr. In those times, after the successful Operation Desert Storm conducted by the Americans, Mr. George H.Bush was nothing short of a hero for us and it was simply naive to assume then about a World War in 2000 with his son in realm. Years passed and I was in St.Thomas doing my senior school when there was this election between AlGore and the actual Bush.Jr. Everyone predicted an AlGore victory and to me based on this tale years back, assumed Bush to win. Though the manner in which the victory was achieved is debatable, to me the belief years back from a mere reading of a school magazine struck a chord for its prophetic form.

Many instances in life, from coming to Canada to working in the oil industry in Abu Dhabi have happened due to the power of belief. Though then I have never admitted it, now at this age, I feel more than ever that, yeah, it happened not simply because it happened out of destiny, it happened because once a time I actually believed or thought that it would happen. That I feel friends, is the power of belief. We live in an age where we are opulently blessed in resources both monetary and physical along with the power of knowledge. All over people are worried about tomorrow and what it brings for them and their family, their career and lives. But let me ask a question, instead of worrying in that tomorrow, do you believe in that tomorrow ?

These days, I work part-time collecting data for cancer research at the university. I met up with a colleague who speaks the same language as I do. A middle aged man, unfortunately physically impaired but fortunately blessed with dreams and beliefs; most of which he has accomplished or came true. He was telling me a tale of how he met his wife long time back. Years ago, a chance meeting with a lady, he felt that inner calling in him that she was the one. He went and asked her hand. She refused saying that she was getting engaged soon. This did not dissuade him and he asked her parents. Her father kicked him out due to his financial condition then and apparently his family too dissuaded him as well. Disappointed, yet not losing hope and heart, he moved on in life to better himself in his career. Couple of years later after making some money, on a chance visit to his hometown, he came to know that this woman had been widowed unfortunately. Without hesitation, he went and asked her hand this time around. She had no hesitation to agree and today they are a happy family. That my friends is the power of belief.

I have had a successful run this year in predictions. People ask me how do you do it. I have only one answer, if you believe deep down inside for something to happen, it simply happens. There are no paranormal explanations nor is it voodoo or black magic nor any chants of faith. Just the power of belief. The assiduous power of belief we have deep down inside. The gift we never realize that we had. So the question today for each one of us: are we ready to begin believing ?

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. Anatole France

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