The Goodness of Life Love and People


Oh! yea…how does it feel to be good,

Love so luxurious better than a brood,

I look at a life so fully of mighty,

So much greater in depth, never ever lowly,

I wanna laugh, laugh, not less, but fully!

The night that was darkest before the dawn,

Was shredded by light rays, neither a premonition!

Apparent in its own right, rightfully a vision!

So lovely, full of life, abstract in contrast;

More there are any drops in an ocean,

More there are any migratory birds,

Swept by any chinook winds,

Blowing them right through the heart and its beats;

Love never ends, never loses,

Hopes never ends, so much complete,

In essence endures, so fully its way!

But always real in its sway,

For bravest are the ones that never slay,

Rejection for any dead end,

Its the power to continue from the end,

Belief in your feelings, never dead,

Full of power, and spirit fed.

Life never to be complained about,

Sublimely good to all its presence,

Very virtuous to all who care,

People yet to be loved everywhere,

Love goes around taking its stance,

Never losing a soul to chance.

The conspiring universe,

Working to lift the spirits to nirvana,

Seeking the elixir of life,

The holy grail of ultimate happiness.

To mere mortals that never cares,

Beware for that it stands for us;

Yeah, let this be the way that you feel,

Emotions taking you on a roll.

Hearts beating in a melancholy full,

I wanna live, live, not less, but fully!

This life, so good, truly!

Yearn the goodness in people, never lowly,

Discerning, courteous yet never failing!

Never to drown, never to flight,

Live the life in your way, fully right,

Love the life you have, hold it tight,

Let’s get it out to shine in the light,

Showcasing to people, oh! what a sight!

Goodness in its full glory, hope and love so bright!

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own” Benjamin Disraeli

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This is the 50th post in this blog. In three years, I have come a long way in life having grown a lot both professionally and personally. Yet getting mixed reviews for many of the articles posted here, this blog seeks to showcase the best times of my life of which I am eternally and humbly grateful.  Tenny

Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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