Growth of a Feeling

I have a feeling deep down inside me,

Don’t know what it can be,

Feels so strong, and yes so powerful,

Feels so good, and yes its heart-full,

Something so intense, that I would love to meet,

See of it and ask of it, what it needs?

Is it a feeling of good, or of being good?

A feeling of love, or a feeling so crude

What it can be, I would love to be,

Serene in its scope, myriad in its vivacity,

Like a virgin, it seeks of me,

Grows and becomes a part of me,

Like the eyes that see the sea so vast,

And the ears that hear the waves so sharp,

This feeling in me, or that which is mine,

Reaches out to the fathom so wide,

With truth as its vision and love as its minion,

It seeks my whole self in unison,

Relentlessly I lose myself out,

Neither and fully a whole heart,

My stubbornness fights a losing conflict,

Stung by a failure, slow to heal, by commitment

Cleared the rubble of the past,

Awaken a new future, so blazed,

Filled with the feeling, a feeling so loud

Nothing else to matter now, I live my life with a wow,

The feeling completes me for times to last

To the truth which it reaps from times of past

And in the end, it grew to be,

The best of me and yes the best for me.

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Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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