Everyday I look into the mirror,

Of my life yonder,

I see chains, chains that bindeth me,

Chains of my mistakes,

Chains of what I did and didn’t,

Chains of what I said and didn’t,

Chains by those I loved and didn’t,

Chains that tied my life to a destiny like no other.

Freedom, where art thou hiding?

Why have you left me in despair?

I cannot face this all alone by myself,

For the pain is too much to bear,

The agony of captivity shreds my soul,

Where will my respite come from?

Looking up, I pray to my Lord,

Please free me, or I will lose myself,

To the bondage of my past,

Unsure of my today,

I am confused about my tomorrow.

I wait and I wait,

In patient retreat,

Yearning for redemption,

In silence, I collect my thoughts,

Fearful of the retribution of my sins,

And unable to endure its punishment,

In silence I grapple with myself.

Earnestly yet prayerfully,

Connecting with divine powers,

That I cannot fathom, yet I seek help,

I wait and I wait,

In patient retreat.

Finally, O finally she has come,

Galloping with the promise of better times,

She breaks open my chains,

She erases my mistakes redeeming myself,

She liberates me to do what I need to do,

She clears my thoughts and makes me complete.

Freedom you have come to save me,

Crafting me new, you mould me,

To live my today in victory,

And my tomorrow with salvation.

Freedom, you make my life complete,

You make me look into the mirror,

To show me my life full of hope,

Full of promise, full of cheer,

There are no chains,

There are no bondages,

There is only but happiness,

There is only one realization,

My salvation is nothing but complete.

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Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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