The Love Series: Eros


“Everyone, meet your new classmate”,
Words of my teacher that made me look up,
To a sweet, confident, cute girl, in a new place,
My eyes were fixed on her and her pace,
As she made her way to a seat beside me.
Looking to me, she released a smile.
That sparked in me rays so serene,
Tender, pure, and yet so rare,
It lit the dark corridors of my heart,
And ushered in me an eclectic feeling,
Of completeness and belonging!

Quickly I became to her a friend so near,
Laughing our way through happy times,
Enduring ourselves together in difficult times,
Destiny ensured that we were there for each other.
We grew comfortably in togetherness,
Our friendship steered the stormy waves,
Of childhood with confidence and resolute.

As we grew in age, we started to change,
Being together and holding hands,
We felt ecstatic as emotions piled up.
Being away there was longing and dreadfulness,
We felt incomplete as emotions piled up.

Questions suddenly started to be asked,
Thoughts started to stare us less placid,
We started to talk more, care less,
Talks that betrayed a pure intent,
Arguments that became fights,
We drifted ourselves apart.

In time, we traversed to newer pastures,
Yearning to forget the past,
We fastened ourselves to a fallacy so great.
As life and fate looked on us in disbelief,
We felt good in drowning ourselves in rivers of Hades.

As time and tide never waited for us,
We never waited for each other,
We moved on to lives with mates,
Never meant for either the other.
In less time, my wife left me for a life better,
Her spouse beat her to a flight so bitter.

Here we are again, sitting on a bench,
Bruised and broken,
We look at each other in remorse,
Tears falling from each eyes in repentance,
I held out my hand to hold her broken life.
As life and faith looked on us in comforting belief,
We hugged and kissed each other in love.

Eros means the intimate or romantic form of love. Everyone have been or have fallen in love at least once in their life. The first love is always special as it unleashes inside one a myriad of both positive and negative feelings: hope, pleasure, intimacy, friendship, possessiveness, care, worry etc.

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Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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