Inspiration is a much desired feeling. It is sought by poets, writers, creative professionals, musicians, scientists , etc. Everyone wants to be inspired in one way or the other. It is difficult to get inspired. It is even difficult to keep inspired continuously. People seek inspiration in their past victories or failures, people seek inspiration in spirituality or atheism, people seek inspiration among themselves, their bodies, everywhere. When they don’t get inspired, people feel depressed, sad or heartbroken. So they seek out drugs, tobacco, religion-anything to get inspired.

How does one gets inspired? You sit to write a blog post and the head draws a blank. You get up, walk around, watch/ read something, still you don’t get inspired. You leave everything and go for a walk, light up a cigarette and walk around. The tobacco fires up you internal senses and your mind seeks the unknown, groping that imaginary tree of knowledge (incidentally Eve made Adam eat an apple from this tree, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Snake. Things weren’t the same since, but thats a different story. Saving it for a later date).

But its winter and the tree of knowledge has withered completely just like any other tree on planet earth. Feeling dejected, you throw away the tobacco and walk in the chilly air, desperately seeking that big idea for the next blog post. Finally the mind that raced around for ideas declares “I am out of ideas. Leave me alone. Lets save the battle for a different day.”

You keep walking. The nights are dark and cold. The air is chilly and the cool air that is drawn in your body through your nostrils starts cooling the heat within. It starts to make you feel good. You start breathing more and more. The cool air percolates within to rejuvenate yourself, making your feel better and better.

This is interesting. ‘What is this cool air that made me feel so good’, you ask yourself? You look around and it’s snowing. People hurrying to get home and stay warm. You are outside in this crazy quest for inspiration. Seeking it and now a strange chilly and cool air has doused the burning fires of anger and dejection within you. You don’t want to go home now. You want to experience this feeling and explore it to its fullest. You look up to the skies. Snow flakes are falling increasingly and aggressively. It’s a sight to behold and you stay transfixed.

Suddenly it strikes you. Just like that player in sport who just got his mojo back. You get it. You turn back and keep walking furiously. After all this waiting, she is back. The inspiration that you so desperately sought for, has just turned up for a visit. And this time you are not letting her leave.

Being inspired is not an easy feeling. It is sometimes difficult, but not impossible. It is sometimes within you and sometimes around you. You have to seek her without fail and never give up. She is waiting around the corner to see how perseverant and tenacious you are. Once you find her, she is all yours. Be with her always and always be inspired.

Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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