As I waited outside her room, waiting to be called in,
Brimming with excitement, my heart skipped faster,
I was feeling numb and wonder within myself.
To a fan, his idol is a hero,
Nothing in this world can change that feeling,
Of affection and love- everlasting.
I am so happy today;
I had waited a long time for this day,
For after years of yearning, and waiting,
To meet my idol, who I idolized on-screen.
Her smile washed away the sadness of my life,
Her eyes radiated on me never ending gladness,
Her voice was special as it unlocked possibilities I never knew,
I am so excited to see her after all these years,
I will tell her of my life and how she made it special,
I owe my life to her and my affection to her is so full.
She was a goddess, ever beautiful and gracious,
Movies of her enthralled me to a life like no other,
As I grew, she danced to me a song,
A song of love, bright in possibilities,
A song of life, one of promise and happiness.
Movies are my life-they told me stories while I never had any,
They provided me with advice- since my parents I never knew any.
They were my good friends, they spoke to me when I never met any.
Movies introduced me to my idol-someone who taught me many.
I kept waiting and waiting,
For the moment that was in the making,
In my heart for time immemorial.
To see her and tell her my tales of tall.
‘Madam will see you now, are you ready?”
Announced a voice suddenly.
My eyes lit up at that moment,
With reaction was that forever in the making.
Ushered in was I into a room to meet my idol,
Flowing in my heart was rivers of joy so full.
Of love and affection so pure without lull,
I met my idol and began my tale to tell…..
Storge is the form of love that denotes ‘natural affection’.
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Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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