The Light

“Run now my friend this is your only chance of escape-

Yelled the old sage to me as I made my way out of the prison-

Quickly did I run, not for once looking back,

From the dark prison of life that held me without any hope.

Chased by people who never cared for me,

Yet care for me now since I flee their midst,

Their lies and negativity had once pounded me,

And kept me in the dungeon of hell within my own life,

Never wanting to see them again,

I ran and I ran into the unknown horizon.


I woke up as the rays of sun unwrapped the cover of darkness,

Looking around, I could see the beautiful landscape that surrounded me,

The chirping of birds, the cries of the animals,

The thumping sound of waterfall somewhere nearby,

The clear sky provided within me a serene feeling,

I ran around exhilarated and enthused,

At the beautiful display of life at my side,

I was excited and energized at the second chance given to me,

I ran around endlessly screaming with joy and happiness,

At the gift given to me by the sage who I never knew,

I thanked him profusely in my heart for the break I received,

Vowing to do it right this time, I decided to enjoy my new abode.


As time went on, the sun bade its farewell,

Promising to be back soon with another spell,

Leaving behind a full moon as my companion so that I do not fall,

Again to the vagaries and disturbances imposed by darkness.

I lit a fire to keep me warm for the cold night,

I reminisced the life that I left,

I wondered why did it have to be like that,

Was it something within me or was it just like that?

I never knew as I fueled the fire,

The fire reminded me of the sun that just left.

I wondered at this fire that lit all around me,

I could see the animals looking at me silently,

Waiting for the fire to extinguish,

So that they could sleep away for the day,

Moaned did they hoping for it to end.

I realized how many such fires are needed,

For the sun to give them the energy of life,

And inspire in them the exuberance to live.


Being a considerate guest, I extinguished the flame,

All of them let out a collective whine of relief,

And settled for the night comforted,

I opened my eyes and looked up at the starry skies,

Emanating from them were tiny dots of light,

Light years farther from me, they shared their light,

Without any shame or disdain.

Soon I could see fireflies around me,

Dancing to an unknown tune of their Creator.

Their light lit up the night in a wondrous array,

That was pleasing and emancipating.


As the night went by,

I heard the voice of the sage again,

“In this world, everyone is born with,

Light to be shared and spread around,

And darkness to absorb and kept within,

As you apportion the light like the sun,

You bring life, joy and peace to all,

As you absorb the darkness around,

Without any complaint or any cry aloud,

You make life on this earth harmonious.

Caring less for those who always sleep,

Be the light of the world so that it can be shared,

As you do share so you do save.

Everyone will then run to you,

Be the light that leads them on.

Photo Credit: blavandmaster via Compfight cc

Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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