There is anger everywhere

Before leaving for Canada I remember a decade ago, my dad telling me these words “Tenny whatever you do, never get angry”. I tried to live up to his expectations but was never successful. I have been obedient to him mostly yet for instances when not, my anger has always caused me irreparable damage.

Today’s world is no different. There is anger, frustration and despair everywhere. Globalisation has clearly overstayed its welcome. Countries if not continents are collapsing. People are losing jobs in large numbers and economies everywhere are on the decline. The current government model is clearly losing its sheen because of its inability to understand the pulse of its citizens. Taxes are increasing, inflation is rising and if one looks at the social media, trolling and abuse have reached newer depths of shame.

If you look at the election scene in the world’s most powerful democracy, one can clearly see why the whole political system is headed for a crash. The crazy ascension of Mr. Trump and the selection of a very dubious Mrs. Clinton has clearly caused concern to observers and polity around the world. The terrorist attacks that have crippled Europe and the shocking and never ending refugee crisis from Syria, the downward spiral of oil prices have created a dangerous situation which some observers have begun comparing to the days before the two main World Wars.

Is this going to be all doom and gloom? Will there ever be a time of calmness and peacefulness? I think there will be. In my opinion, the only solution to this whole problem is that humans need to shift from the current economic model to a new knowledge and spiritual model where we need to seek for ourselves what lies beyond us. We need to look up to the stars and understand reasons why we were created and are we the only ones residing in this cosmos. We need to revisit our spirituality and shed away the psuedo secularism that brought us to this condition. We need to rise above organized religion, organized groups and structures and seek new and meaningful partnerships where we learn to respect each other and reconcile with one another. We need to stop this anger…and this hatred.

There needs to be love everywhere…

Photo Credit: Francesca Lo Piccolo via Compfight cc

Published by Tenny Thomas

I have tried to do the best in every circumstance that I have been thrown into. Blogging is one of them.

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