Politics: Left, Right, Straight, etc.

I have followed politics since the time I can remember yet I was never enamored by it. My FB profile states me as a ‘Liberal by mind and a Conservative’ by heart. I have spend a lot of time in my life trying to understand what is the difference between both the right and leftContinue reading “Politics: Left, Right, Straight, etc.”

Stop thinking too much…or should you?

Each and every one of us at one time in our lives have been accused by someone or the other of this fatal flaw- thinking too much. Whenever we have issues in life, whenever we find something is not right, we spend time thinking a myriad of thoughts. Every new thing or event in ourContinue reading “Stop thinking too much…or should you?”

Leadership Lessons from Jesus

One of the biggest drawbacks about the world that we live in is the fact that we are bereft of any good leaders. Every now and then, in each generation we have certain gifted people that emerge with great promise to redefine the human march to progress. They leave behind a great deal of teachingsContinue reading “Leadership Lessons from Jesus”

#AAPCon or #AAPOpportunity

I still believe that AAP has a glowing chance to rebound. They need to stop this relentless and merciless media posturing and shut themselves from everything and everyone to re-define clear objectives and ideals. A strong centre-to-left or left leaning agenda needs to be developed and showcased to the Indian population and diaspora. They need to build a party of strong anti-corrupt foundation that returns democracy to the electorate.

Microsoft: Through the years

This is a company that has failed as much times it has succeeded. Over the decade, it made some good choices and many bad choices. It had always played the role of a follower than an innovator. But it is in the DNA of this company that once it has followed others with so much passion and an unbelievable drive, it eventually becomes a leader.