Everyday I look into the mirror,

Of my life yonder,

I see chains, chains that bindeth me,

Chains of my mistakes,

Chains of what I did and didn’t,

Chains of what I said and didn’t,

Chains by those I loved and didn’t,

Chains that tied my life to a destiny like no other.

Freedom, where art thou hiding?

Why have you left me in despair?

I cannot face this all alone by myself,

For the pain is too much to bear,

The agony of captivity shreds my soul,

Where will my respite come from?

Looking up, I pray to my Lord,

Please free me, or I will lose myself,

To the bondage of my past,

Unsure of my today,

I am confused about my tomorrow.

I wait and I wait,

In patient retreat,

Yearning for redemption,

In silence, I collect my thoughts,

Fearful of the retribution of my sins,

And unable to endure its punishment,

In silence I grapple with myself.

Earnestly yet prayerfully,

Connecting with divine powers,

That I cannot fathom, yet I seek help,

I wait and I wait,

In patient retreat.

Finally, O finally she has come,

Galloping with the promise of better times,

She breaks open my chains,

She erases my mistakes redeeming myself,

She liberates me to do what I need to do,

She clears my thoughts and makes me complete.

Freedom you have come to save me,

Crafting me new, you mould me,

To live my today in victory,

And my tomorrow with salvation.

Freedom, you make my life complete,

You make me look into the mirror,

To show me my life full of hope,

Full of promise, full of cheer,

There are no chains,

There are no bondages,

There is only but happiness,

There is only one realization,

My salvation is nothing but complete.

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Rebuild our City

Hey all you people,

Here is the sad lore,

Of our city in fire.
It was quick; Oh and it did happen.
Took everything with it sudden.
We are doomed they say,
Like Sodom and Gomorrah,
The Lord himself hath,
Punished us so severe.
Will we ever rise again?
Will we see tomorrow again?

Come my people,
What has happened, has ended!
What is to happen, hasn’t yet started!
Darketh is the hour just before the dawn,
For once dawn cometh,
Forgotten is what has happened,
And what has come,
Is our soul’s new battle cry.

Let’s rebuild our city,
Listen all of you without any sway.
Today, together we write our destiny,
Unwavering and unflinchingly,
With our heads up to the sky,
To a loving Lord ready,
To lead us to our victory.

We awake to lead,
We rise to rebuild,
Arise will our city,
From the ashes away.
With love on our side,
Courage in our hearts,
Pride in our deeds,
We build our destiny.

Larger be our goals,
Taller be our ambitions,
Broader be our aims,
Wider be our hopes, and
Bigger be our dreams.

Today as we build our city,
We will never remember the pity,
Showered on us by the laity.
We will remember our sacrifices of today,
As we rebuild our city.

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I wrote this poem after watching a video behind the construction of Willis Tower on a recent visit to Chicago.  The video mentioned about the Great Chicago Fire. It was an unfortunate event that burnt from Sunday, October 8, to early Tuesday, October 10, 1871, killing hundreds and destroying about 3.3 square miles (9 km2) in Chicago, Illinois. It was one of the largest disasters of the 19th century, Chicago was rebuilt and continued to grow as one of the most populous and economically important American cities. This poem is dedicated to Chicago.

Man of Elixir


I have lived my life with a bliss,

Enjoying each moment like a kiss,

To the maiden of my dreams,

Fullest and happiness like a glitz.

Every moment in life is a blessing,

Endowed by the Creator without us trying,

To be lived as it is, like a song,

That the nightingale sung.

It is our life,

Come what maybe,

We live just once,

Short, yet sweet.

Live once, yet to the fullest,

Radiant like the colors of light.

Yearn to Learn

I look around myself each day,
See young people like me make their way,
To a place that holds them sway,
To words and sounds that strike,
Hearts and minds like morning rays that pierce,
The darkness of this world.

But, oh am I oh, a poor lad,
Meagerely on this earth I live,
Orphaned, with nothing to give,
Sweat each day in chores that take,
More from me, and less to me give.

I see people of my age unlike me,
Fortunate each day to go to a place,
To relish in the food of knowledge,
Quench the thirst from the brooke,
Of wisdom that flows from people so wise,
Every day, every year of their life.

But, oh am I oh, a poor lad,
Cursed by the gods to a toil as these,
I have no hope, no grace,
From a time such as these.

I yearn to learn,
Seek knowledge to yarn,
My life from this misery,
By a blitz that makes me happy!
I yearn to learn.

Growth of a Feeling

I have a feeling deep down inside me,

Don’t know what it can be,

Feels so strong, and yes so powerful,

Feels so good, and yes its heart-full,

Something so intense, that I would love to meet,

See of it and ask of it, what it needs?

Is it a feeling of good, or of being good?

A feeling of love, or a feeling so crude

What it can be, I would love to be,

Serene in its scope, myriad in its vivacity,

Like a virgin, it seeks of me,

Grows and becomes a part of me,

Like the eyes that see the sea so vast,

And the ears that hear the waves so sharp,

This feeling in me, or that which is mine,

Reaches out to the fathom so wide,

With truth as its vision and love as its minion,

It seeks my whole self in unison,

Relentlessly I lose myself out,

Neither and fully a whole heart,

My stubbornness fights a losing conflict,

Stung by a failure, slow to heal, by commitment

Cleared the rubble of the past,

Awaken a new future, so blazed,

Filled with the feeling, a feeling so loud

Nothing else to matter now, I live my life with a wow,

The feeling completes me for times to last

To the truth which it reaps from times of past

And in the end, it grew to be,

The best of me and yes the best for me.

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I have always asked myself,

Why is truth always so deaf ?

Dumb and innocent,

Battered always to an exploit!

Persevering, yet never assuming,

Nonetheless never sung,

Always hidden lest plain,

Painful yet relieving,

Freeing yet binding,

What can be more good…

Than knowing the truth

What can still be more worse..

Yet knowing the truth!

Truth is always good,

Never to anyone ever bad,

Good always endures,

Truth always stands!

How do we ever find truth ?

Mirage it is always to those who seeketh!

Never ending a search for the explorer,

Never ending a thirst for the thirsty,

Never ending an obsession for the adventurous,

Never ending a hunger for the hungry,

Yet what is in it, oh mere mortal,

You cringe over it never ever to toll,

Realize yet always it never is in total,

Truth will never be found,

Always invented yet never discovered.

“Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it.” Abraham Lincoln

The Goodness of Life Love and People


Oh! yea…how does it feel to be good,

Love so luxurious better than a brood,

I look at a life so fully of mighty,

So much greater in depth, never ever lowly,

I wanna laugh, laugh, not less, but fully!

The night that was darkest before the dawn,

Was shredded by light rays, neither a premonition!

Apparent in its own right, rightfully a vision!

So lovely, full of life, abstract in contrast;

More there are any drops in an ocean,

More there are any migratory birds,

Swept by any chinook winds,

Blowing them right through the heart and its beats;

Love never ends, never loses,

Hopes never ends, so much complete,

In essence endures, so fully its way!

But always real in its sway,

For bravest are the ones that never slay,

Rejection for any dead end,

Its the power to continue from the end,

Belief in your feelings, never dead,

Full of power, and spirit fed.

Life never to be complained about,

Sublimely good to all its presence,

Very virtuous to all who care,

People yet to be loved everywhere,

Love goes around taking its stance,

Never losing a soul to chance.

The conspiring universe,

Working to lift the spirits to nirvana,

Seeking the elixir of life,

The holy grail of ultimate happiness.

To mere mortals that never cares,

Beware for that it stands for us;

Yeah, let this be the way that you feel,

Emotions taking you on a roll.

Hearts beating in a melancholy full,

I wanna live, live, not less, but fully!

This life, so good, truly!

Yearn the goodness in people, never lowly,

Discerning, courteous yet never failing!

Never to drown, never to flight,

Live the life in your way, fully right,

Love the life you have, hold it tight,

Let’s get it out to shine in the light,

Showcasing to people, oh! what a sight!

Goodness in its full glory, hope and love so bright!

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own” Benjamin Disraeli

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This is the 50th post in this blog. In three years, I have come a long way in life having grown a lot both professionally and personally. Yet getting mixed reviews for many of the articles posted here, this blog seeks to showcase the best times of my life of which I am eternally and humbly grateful.  Tenny